A year of baking bread.

white loaf march

Well, we’ve left 2014 well and truly behind, and being the late developers we are, have only gotten round to thinking about our year of bread making adventures at the start of March! We’ve learnt so much about bread-baking in the last 12 months, how easy it is, and how deceptively hard it is too. How the baker’s greatest friend is time, and constant nemesis is patience. How we only need four ingredients to make a basic loaf, but can tweak these infinitely to create a doughy global smorgasbord.  How while making bread together Ruby and I get to talk about silly stuff and important stuff. Because it slows us down, pulls our focus in, and no-one’s going anywhere until the bread is put to bed.

Our technique has definitely improved. We’re not afraid of our dough anymore, or too reverent, and will smack it back or punch it down if it’s being too cheeky. But we’ve a long road ahead with many branches to meander down, lots of techniques and recipes to try, and while we’re a Jack (and Ruby) of all breads, we’re very aware we’re still masters of none.

Our quest for the perfect loaf goes on in 2015.

ruby says “it’s been fun. i want to get better at kneading though! :/