Dear Ruby, this Mother’s day…..

cup of tea1600

slightly sourdough600

firehouse hot cross bun600


Dear Ruby,

If you feel inclined to show your appreciation for my amazing mothering skills, the following will be acceptable this Mother’s day:

  1. A lovely cup of tea in bed.
  2. A slice of freshly baked Slightly Sourdough bread slathed with Abernethy butter and Granny Pog’s marmalade (you may need to get onto Granny Pog about this..)
  3. Afternoon tea with Firehouse Bakery hot cross buns.
  4. And don’t forget the washing up….

Yours, in anticipation,

ruby says

Dear Mummy,

Hahahahaha. Oh really? I have to do all that? 😦 (only joking! 😉 )

Yours, lol
Ruby 😉