5/52: Pancake tuesday.


Now I know pancakes aren’t loaves, and the only relationship they have is a floury one, but as I’ve developed an addiction for another Shrove Tuesday tradition, we decided we’d have two Northern European Lenten staples together in the true spirit of ‘Fat Tuesday‘. I love the way that the penitential Britons and Gaels call their pre-Lenten blow-out after a guilt-ridden infatuation with sinning, confession and contrition, and everyone else gets to do Mardi Gras, but that’s just us.

Ruby insisted on making the pancake mix, so I concentrated on the Semla cakes. This batch turned out even better than the last, so I don’t think we’ll be restricting ourselves too much in the coming 40 days…..Tuesday’s not the only thing that’s going to be fat in our house.

ruby pancake mix