Big baker / Little baker: what we want for May.

With all this bread making going on, we’ve noticed something irritatingly frustrating – we’ve nowhere to put our bread. Currently it resides on the worktop in a plastic bag, or a paper bag, or underneath a tea-towel, and gets shunted around when various mechanical or electrical devices need to be used. This is not ideal. So this month we’ve been looking at bread-bins. What makes a great bread bin?  Material? Air-flow? Condensation factor? What we’ve learned from our research is that bread needs air to stop mould, and that’s pretty much it. Real slow-proved bread, it seems, will stay fresh for a lot longer than fast-produced processed loaves if left cut-side-down and loosely covered. So the big question is should we go retro or futuristic? Utilitarian or decorative? Chic or unique? So many choices….but ultimately the answer will be whichever fits the meagre space in our kitchen.

Still, a breadmaker can dream…..

Big baker….

bread bins800

1. Garden Trading bread tin. 2. Lark farmhouse bread locker. 3. Vintage Tin. 
4. Armadillo breadbin. 5. Antique tin. 6. Vintage Dutch bread box. 7. Typhoon Novo Bread bin.

Ruby has a different – and so much more fun – agenda to me…..

Little baker…..

bread binsruby800

1. Dollhouse mint green bread box. 2. Dollhouse breadboard with bread. 
3. Mr. Rebanadita rucksack. 4. Miniature wicker bread basket. 5. Dollhouse bagel crates.



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