Big baker / Little baker: what we want for April.

Every year Ruby compiles a birthday list. And a Christmas List. They feature all the toys, games, crafts and novelty clothing she’s seen advertised on TV or played with in friends’ houses throughout the year. Needless to say these lists are very long and detailed, and usually contain ridiculously priced items, so have to be culled severely through endless negotiations. Embracing this theme, we decided to put together our fantasy baking wish-lists each month with the intention of maybe acquiring one or two items before the year is out. Here’s what we want for April.

Big baker….

baker wishlist

1. Flour shaker. 2. Kitchen clock timer. 3. Mixing bowl. 4. Measuring jug. 5. Baker's apron.
Little baker…..

little baker wishlist

1. Mixing bowl. 2. Apron. 3. Flour shaker. 4. Watermelon dough scraper. 5. Owl timer.

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